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20 July 2017


Record number of US applicants for 2017 NAWF scholarships

Every year the NAWF awards scholarships to North American students wishing to study in Wales.  There is an Exchange Scholarship of $5,000 and, thanks to the Lloyd family, a travel scholarship of $1,000.  Grants of up to $1,000 are also awarded to individuals or organizations, all, of course, with Welsh connections, be they cultural, educational or their heritage.  In the past scholarships have been awarded to musicians, historians, linguists, and entrepreneurs.  We have been extremely proud of these young people and they, in turn, are grateful for the support received from the Foundation.


This year the applications for scholarships was overwhelming and the standard of the applicants quite outstanding.  How does one choose a "winner” from such an elite group?   Fortunately this year the Foundation received two unexpected windfalls - via a donation from the Welsh Women's Club of America and from the estate of the late Marjorie Owen.  This enabled us to give not one but three Exchange Scholarships to three outstanding young women.


Elizabeth Green of Pennsylvania, is a superb musician and already enrolled in the Composition programme in Bangor University.  Her goal is to compose for films and art installations and also for ensembles.  She has already composed for a local television company and is currently working on an orchestral work to be performed at the Llangollen International Eisteddfod, bringing together Welsh, American and Taiwanese performers in an expression of peace and goodwill.


Brooke Martin of Georgia, is also a musicologist doing her postgraduate degree at Bangor University, with a focus on Welsh music.  Her passions are reed organs and brass bands.  Her research will focus on the impact of brass bands on the mining town of Wales.  She also hopes to nurture the growth of brass bands in the U.S.

Claire Oldfather of Alabama, already a student at Aberystwyth University, is an Archivist focusing on Classics and Folklore and Mythology.  Her major interests are the Arthurian romances, comparing those in Wales, England and France.  Her aim is to read for a Doctorate in Celtic and Mediaeval Studies.  All three of the above are learning Welsh.


The Lloyd family Travel Scholarship is awarded to Keri Lawrence of Ohio.  Keri will study for a term at the University of Wales, Trinity St David's.  Her aim is to connect cultures by developing a website, blog and sketch album in order to guide other students wishing to study abroad in Wales.


This year $2,500 was available for Grants.  These monies were divided between Arvonia Historical Society, Kansas, Tom Chandler, a Welsh actor based in NY City and James Sevitt, an educator researching social injustice and focusing on the post global financial crisis of 2008 and Brexit .  According to James, these events have exacerbated the deep divisions and resentments between metropolitan centres and the neglected peripheries, i.e. the "haves" and the "have-nots".  His research focuses on Cardiff and Merthyr Tydfil.


The Lloyd Jones Award winners are Danielle Williams of Penygroes and Daniel Avis of Llanidloes.  Both are outstanding designers, with Daniel focusing on jewellery and Danielle hoping to design an alternative Oxygen Mask and Nasal cannula.  


We congratulate all of our successful applicants and wish them well. I am certain that you have all been impressed by these winners.  However, our on-going support for worthy North American Welsh students depends totally on our having the necessary finances.  Please consider helping us by donating to our Scholarship Fund.  Please contact Dr. Philip Davies at


Hefina Phillips-NAWF Scholarship Committee







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