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2019 North America Wales Foundation Scholarship and Grant Awards

American Studies Awards 2014-15

Holly Whitby of Swansea University, Wales, award recipient, said of her experience: " With the help of the Foundation award I was  able to travel around the United States and experience different cultures and different states. I facilitated Welsh-American relationships through promoting my home university at fairs and events as well as celebrating and informing other students about events such as St David's day and its traditions " 


Hannah Munkley, an American Studies student at Swansea University, Wales, used her award to fund travel in the USA.  " I am very grateful to the Foundation as the money helped me to travel to the Eastern and Southern states, which included Philadelphia with its Welsh influence and finding the Welsh writing inside the Washington monument in Washington DC. The University of North Carolina, Wilmington held an international day for students and I represented Wales, by setting up a table and providing information and images on the culture, landscapes, food and the Welsh language. I educated a lot of my American friends about Wales and they can’t wait to visit."

Amelia Williams of Llanelli, West Wales, received a bursary to support her study of acting at California State Fullerton. A student at Wales Trinity St David's she is the first member of her family to study at Univeristy and, having been accepted to study for a semester in California, was nervous of the financial commitment of living so far from home. She said the bursary made all the difference. The Wales Board was impressed by her application describing her as "exactly the sort of student we wish to support".  A passionate advocate for Wales and the Welsh language, Amelia  was intent on sharing her  language with fellow students.

Gail Patrick Bursary 2019

Lloyd Family Travel Scholarship 2019

Hope Kohtala (Received the Lloyd Family Travel Scholarship + partial Exchange Scholarship) from Mechanic Falls, Maine, spent spring semester 2018 studying at Bangor University and realized how similar Wales and Maine were in physical beauty and cultural experiences. She earned her BSc in Parks, Recreation and Tourism at University of Maine and will continue studies towards her MA in Tourism at Bangor University. Building upon her previous research project from her study abroad experience, Hope will compare similarities and differences between New England and Wales in the seasonal tourism industry.

Exchange Scholarships 2019

Rebecca Blok from Kalamazoo, Michigan, will study at Bangor University towards her MA in Welsh. In preparing for her thesis, Rebecca will identify the complex structure of the Four Branches of the Mabinogi and how this structure communicates the message of the work as a whole.


Brooke Martin from Clarkesville, Georgia, continues her studies, now towards a doctorate, at Bangor University, researching contemporary minority and Welsh-language opera. In the summer of 2018, she presented two papers, one at Wales Research Conference and the other at NAASWCH. Brooke has become a fluent Welsh speaker; this past March competing for the Chair in Eisteddfod y Dysgwyr (Learners) and was placed third. he Year.


Kelsey Weber from Portland, Maine, received her BFA in Ceramics from the Maine College of Art. Her next step is to complete a Masters in Ceramics at Cardiff Metropolitan University, researching the history, myths and folktales of Maine and Wales to find commonalities and historical links. She will then illustrate these tales on pottery.


Andrew Edwards from Zeeland, Michigan, continues his studies in Welsh Literature at Bangor University. He is passionate about his Welsh heritage and has fallen in love with Wales and the beautiful Welsh language. Andrew has become a fluent Welsh speaker and his courses are in the Welsh language. He has received much attention from the Welsh media as an American thriving in Wales.

Lloyd Jones Scholarships at Bangor 2019


Steffan Jones achieved first class honours and has based his research projects around environmentally friendly products.  Steffan developed the “Hybrid Range” of furniture which offers a recyclable solution for the future of the upholstery furniture industry to mitigate the 750,000 tonnes of materials discarded every year.


Phoebe Sinnot also gained first class honours. She concentrated on reducing packaging at fast food outlets by introducing environmentally friendly alternatives to reduce plastic use and increasing recycling

NAWF Grant Award 2019

The Avondale Mine Disaster Preservation Committee will utilize NAWF funding to hold the 150th anniversary of the Avondale Mine Disaster on September 6-8, 2019. The Avondale disaster, which occurred in 1869, stands as the one of the deadliest anthracite mining disasters in history, with 110 victims, 69 of which were of Welsh descent.  Ceremonies will be held at the disaster site in Plymouth Township and at the Washburn Street Cemetery. A full conference will be held at the Anthracite Heritage Museum as well, with featured speakers Professor Bill Jones and Professor Richard Healey, both from the UK.


Rimrock Opera Foundation utilized funding from NAWF to support the considerable expense to mount the American production of Joseph Parry’s opera, Blodwen, which was performed in Welsh from May 11-19, 2019, at the NOVA Center for the Performing Arts in Billings, Montana. Welsh native, Dr. Dulais Rhys, adapted the opera for chamber ensemble, and conducted the orchestra. Blodwen has already received universal praise for its creation and performance. Dr. Rhys hopes to find other venues in North America for the opera.