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22 March 2018



A young artist from Tredegar, heart of iron smelting area of South Wales,  is being helped by the NAWF to exhibit at the Conference of Contemporary Cast Iron Art in Scranton Pennsylvania this summer.


Ashleigh Harrold is a graduate of the Carmarthen School of Art, the only university in the UK teaching students to cast iron.  The conference organisers invited her to present her performance sculpture consisting of a wooden and iron dragon that will emit flames through its mouth before consuming itself.  The performance is named 53,678, signifying the number of people who migrated from Wales to the Scranton area in the nineteenth century.


Prof Jon Roper  Vice President NAWF (Wales), described Ashleigh as a highly motivated and talented artist who was a deserved recipient of the award.  Ashleigh described her work as a celebration of the Welsh-American heritage of the Scranton area.  She was delighted to receive the bursary as it allowed her to book her airfare to Pennsylvania.  


Pictured, Ashleigh receiving the cheque from Jon Roper.





Ashleigh Harold presentation