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Study in America Award

The Study in America Award is offered to Welsh students or students at Welsh Universities to study in America.


To be eligible students must be:


full-time undergraduate or postgraduate students at an accredited university in Wales


Welsh-born or domiciled students registered at equivalent courses elsewhere in the UK


participating in an approved study abroad programme at a North American university  (USA & Canada)


The Foundation will make one award of £500 available for the 2018-19 academic year.


The recipient of the award will be expected to submit a report to the NAWF on the use made of the funding within six months of returning to Wales.


In making the award account will be taken of the candidate’s academic performance, contribution to fostering educational and cultural links between Wales and North America and perceived financial need.


The award will be made subject to there being candidates of adequate merit.


To apply for the 2018/19 award please send an email to or fill in this form




Deadline for applicatons is May 1st 2018. Successful candidates will be notified by July 1st 2018.








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